Patrick Doran is a Senior Web Developer & Interaction Designer

Working near Raleigh, North Carolina🖲

Patrick Doran designs fast user interfaces, codes modern JavaScript applications, sketches wireframes, and obsesses about usability and performance. Lately, Patrick has spent a lot of time with Vue.js and SharePoint development, design and branding.

Patrick has been building and designing for the web since [1]

Specializing In

Front-End Web Development 🛠️
HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Vue.js / Node / Express / PHP / Python / Svelte / SASS / Git / WordPress
Interaction Design & User Experience 🖥️
User experience design / Responsive mobile-first web design, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD / mockups & prototyping
Microsoft 365 & SharePoint 🎛️
Azure / SharePoint Online / SharePoint Framework (#spfx) / Teams / Workflow & Power Automate

Speaking & Writing

Recent Coding Examples

Azure Cognitive Services handwriting recognition with JavaScript

A proof-of-concept - the web interface POSTs a document to Azure Cognative Services and returns the value of any handwritten text in it.

Built with JavaScript, Axios JS, and Azure Cognative Services ML Handwriting Recognition.

View complete code on GitHub.

Load SharePoint REST data with Axios, display with Tabulator.js

Solving a real-world business problem - user needs to select muliple SharePoint List Items, and pass those selections to another interface, to generate PDFs.

Built with JavaScript, SharePoint REST web services, Axios.js, Tabulator.js and the browser's LocalStorage API.

View complete code on GitHub.

Prevent survey re-takes with a cookie that expires after a day

JavaScript that checks for a cookie before a survey is taken, and writes one if there isn't one already.

View complete code on GitHub.

JavaScript and SharePoint: Convert List Item to PDF

Reads a query string from a SharePoint URL, and then generates a PDF based off that data.

Uses SharePoint On-Premise, Axios JS, and the pdfMake library.

View complete code on GitHub.

CSS for SharePoint UI upgrade

CSS styles to restyle the default SharePoint interface.

View complete code on GitHub.

SharePoint REST API and JavaScript: dynamic dropdowns

JavaScript to generate dropdown menus based on the values in a SharePoint list.

View complete code on GitHub.

REST Web Services driven user interface with JavaScript and HTML

Based on the current date, creates dropdown menus that query a REST endpoint for dynamically generated PDF reports.

View complete code on On Github.

Recent Design & Development Projects

Screenshot from NCDMV Office Locations Map

NCDMV Office Locations Map

Millions of licensed drivers across the state of North Carolina, and most will need to travel to a physical office for an ID. Hundreds of offices, but no easy way to know what was near you. This effort loads offices on a map from REST services, with relevant data, driving directions, and hours of operation. Utilizes Vue.js, Vuex, Leaflet.js, Bing Maps, REST services, geolocation, all on a public-facing SharePoint site.

Role: Developer, Designer | Visit Site | GitHub Repo
Screenshot from Complete 540 project

Complete I-540 Project Map

Built to inform and engage Raleigh area citizens about a large, multi-decade construction project. Utilizes Leaflet.js, Bing Maps, SharePoint Lists and GeoJSON data on a public-facing SharePoint site.

Role: Developer, Designer | Visit Site | GitHub Repo
Screenshot from United Gifs of America

United GIFs of America

Combined the Giphy API, vanilla JavaScript, offline storage, and SVG maps to allow the citizen to easily identify and save their state's offical GIF.

Role: Developer, Designer | Visit Site | GitHub Repo
Screenshot from NCDMV Real ID Wizard

North Carolina DMV REAL ID Wizard

Built to help citizens navigate the requirements of getting a REAL ID driver license. Utilizes Vue.js and Vue-CLI on a public-facing SharePoint site.

Role: Front-End Developer | Visit Site | GitHub Repo
Screenshot from Letting Rollup project

NCDOT Letting Rollup Dashboard

Developed to help construction companies stay up to date on the latest project lettings. Utilizes JavaScript, local storage, and open source libraries like Tabulator, Moment.js, and Office Fabric UI on a public-facing SharePoint site.

Role: Front-End Developer | Visit Site | GitHub Repo

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