Patrick Doran

A little about Patrick Doran, a front-end developer and designer.

photo of Patrick Doran where he's looking a little bored, if I'm behing honnest
Very serious photo credit: Jonathan Phillips

I've been building well-designed online and interactive experiences since 1998, and in that time I've seen a lot of things comes and go (Flash, Director, Freehand, MooTools, jQuery), but the important things always stick around.

Important things like usability, performance, accessibility, and good design. I'm a firm believer in these principles, and while the technology stack changes with the seasons, the fundamentals are always there and have guided me in what I build.

Professionally, I split my time between managing almost a dozen developers and designers, while at the same time continuing to ship for both the web and Microsoft 365 platforms.

About this site

photo of Patrick Doran living in the moment  on the beach, not thinking about the intenet at all
Photo credit Kate Doran

PatrickDoran.com has been live on the internet since 2002! That's forever in internet-years. PatrickDoran.com is usually in handcrafted HTML, but was for a short time built unironically with Flash. This particular iteration went live in 2023.

The CSS styles and layout are built on top of Tailwind.css a very developer-friendly framework that looks great and loads fast. Go ahead and run PageSpeed Insights on it. I'll wait.

This markup is a mix of Markup and Nunjucks, which render out plain old HTML with Eleventy. No databases were built or harmed in the making of this website, and you can view it's guts on Github.

Previous iterations

Screenshot of my portfolio from 2022 The goth years (2022)
Screenshot of my portfolio from 2016 Angular everywhere (2016)
Screenshot of my portfolio from 2014 Wood paneling and too many tags (2014)
Screenshot of my portfolio from 2007 Background repeat (2007)
My first site from 1998 on tripod I'm OG Tripod, son (1998)